Application Instructions

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You may be wondering, "what is the best way to apply my rhinestone transfer?"

Rhinestone Iron-on transfers can be applied with household iron or a heat press; however, for best application results, a heat press is recommended as it promotes consistent heat distribution, level and pressure. 

NOTE: Before pressing your rhinestone transfer, check the manufacturer tag for care instructions/fabric heat tolerance and adjust temperature and press time accordingly!

What does this mean - the nylon bag you're applying your rhinestone transfer to may not tolerate a press of 12 seconds at 330 degrees; adjust your press time and/or temperature as needed. 

Application Instructions: 
Transfers can be applied with household iron or a heat press; however, for best application results, a heat press is recommended. The below instructions are for a standard 100% cotton garment.

Household Iron:

  1. Preheat iron to cotton setting 340 degrees.
  2. Carefully lift and separate the rhinestone clear sheet from the white sheet (stones should stick to the clear plastic sheet). If any stones have shifted out of place, carefully put them back into place using tweezers or any other tools.
  3. Place the transfer sheet, stone side down onto the fabric and press gently with your hand. If it is not in the desired position, lift and reposition. (DO NOT PULL the SHEET ON THE FABRIC AS STONES MAY SHIFT)
  4. Place the hot Iron on it and apply steady pressure for 15 seconds (DO NOT MOVE IRON AROUND AS STONES MAY SHIFT).
  5. Place iron over other design areas for another 15 seconds and repeat until the entire design is pressed.
  6. Slowly peel the clear plastic sheet away from the fabric. If stones are not sticking, replace the plastic sheet back onto the shirt and re-iron again.


    1. Preheat the heat press temperature to 340 Degrees Fahrenheit.
    2. Set pressure to "medium/firm". The bottom of the heat press should have a 1/4 inch silicone pad to ensure the pressure is distributed evenly over the entire transfer.
    3. Lay the garment on the heat press table. If your garment is sheer/thin, place a piece of parchment paper or Teflon sheet inside the garment so that the rhinestones do not stick through to the other layer. It may also help prevent the "impression" of the design from showing through to the other side of the garment.
    4. The rhinestone design is “sandwiched” between 2 layers of paper; a clear layer and a white layer.  The clear layer is the top of the transfer. It is heat resistant and the rhinestones are held in place by its sticky side. The white layer is the bottom of the transfer. It is plastic and keeps the sticky side of the clear layer from coming in contact with unwanted surfaces until you are ready to apply the transfer.
    5. More than one rhinestone design may be on the transfer paper.  If this is the case, cut out the specific rhinestone design.
    6. Slowly and carefully peel away the white layer from the clear layer.
    7. Check design to make sure that the rhinestones have not moved. Use tweezers to replace any that have moved out of place.
    8. Place the sticky side of the clear layer down onto the fabric. If it is not in the desired position, you can slowly lift and place again.
    9. Cover the clear layer with a Teflon sheet and press for 15 to 20 seconds.  The Teflon sheet is not required but recommended to protect your heat press.
    10. Let cool for 5 - 10 minutes then slowly peel off the clear layer from the garment.
    11. If there are any stones that have not bonded with the apparel, use tweezers to peel them from the clear layer and place them directly in the correct position on the garment. Repeat steps 9 through 10.


    • The above settings and directions are recommended and should always be tested on your material first. In general, the higher the temperature, the shorter the pressing time needed.
    • Do not attempt to apply your rhinestone transfers to garments that cannot withstand the recommended heat setting and press time, especially garments that say "Do Not Iron" or "Dry Clean Only".
    • The responsibility for the application of our transfers lies with you, the customer. ALC Crafts LLC is not liable for any issues that may arise during and after the application process. If you have any questions, before pressing your garment send us a message!