It's Official - I'm A Licensed Vendor of Zeta Phi Beta


Remember a couple of posts ago I mentioned some really good/great things have happened over the last couple of months? Well, this is one of those really good/great things that happened...

I am SUPER happy to announce that your girl, ALC Crafts LLC, is an official and approved vendor of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. I've been working on getting my license approved for a couple of months, and I finally got the all clear.

So what does this mean? It means I will be able to manufacture, produce, and sell products for the Finer women of ZPB (adhering to their policies and licensing requirements of course). 

Quick story.

Growing up in Kalamazoo (yes, it's real) I didn't know anything about Greek life, I didn't even watch School Daze until this year (don't judge me). I didn't have any fly sisters, aunties, or cousins that attended college, yet alone pledged around me at all. Hell, no one in my family had even attended college really!

It didn't get better in college either, as I attended a small college in VA for my undergrad. I wanted to go to Norfolk State, an HBCU, but the Parentals quickly struck that idea down. The small college I attended instead, had ZERO Greek life, okay there was an Academic Greek Organization - but the way my grades were set up, I was lucky I graduated at all (I preferred partying to studying, you see). 

The first time I attended a step show though, I almost lost my entire mind - I had no idea I had been missing out on another world and culture. More important than the performances though, I learned the fraternities and the sororities that comprised The Divine Nine were pillars of the black community, and they had some serious roots. 

Okay, I know I digressed, but I thought it was a good story that at least related to the announcement...

All of this to say - I cannot WAIT to get started and hopefully attend my first convention in 2021 as a small boutique/vendor. I'm even more excited to learn more about this organization, its founders and philosophies and impact on the community as a whole.

So spread the news, share the word, and tell your Finer friends, to be on the lookout for the launch of The Finer Collection on SOON!

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  • Carmilla Wilson on

    That’s awesome!!! Don’t forget the Zeta Amicae will support you too!!!

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