Girl, Where Have You Been?!

Hey Glams,

Let me address the glaring elephant in the room...

I know it's been a while since I've written anything.

I know you see how many months have lapsed between this post and my last post and I hear you silently judging me and rolling your eyes right now. I get it, TRUST ME!

It's easy to let life take you away from the things you need and want to do sometimes (let me say it a little louder for those in the back). It's also easy to let the annoying mental tape, that is literally stuck on repeat, play in your mind that discourages you everyday 

No one wants to read your posts, you don't have anything to talk about, what are you even going write about...blah blah blah

But FRFR (for real for real) SO much has happened over the last couple of months. Some good and great things - as well as some pretty shitty things (being 100% real). One thing about me though, I don't really do excuses (they're just a waste of breath and time quite honestly IMO). To be honest I usually:

  1. Do nothing (#slacker), 
  2. Admit my faults and move on/forward, OR preferably,
  3. Acknowledge I "heard" the issue, admit my faults to myself, and then show improvement through my actions to the person (or persons) I've injured. 

In this case we're going to go with Door #3 - Imma show y'all that I'm going to do better! I hear you, I acknowledge my absence, and I'm going to do better, periodt.

So stay tuned, because I will be writing soon about all of the good, great, and shitty soon. 

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