First Recipient (WINNER) of #CLOSETHEGAP

Hey Glam Girls!

Well, I am still on Cloud 9 over here at ALC Crafts! Ask me why...come on, ask me - I know you wanna know!  Okay, okay I'm going to tell you!

Yours truly is the first recipient of The Prestige Society's #CLOSETHEGAP seed investment money! I am so honored and humbled to have been selected, as I know my fellow Boss Academy Babes were ALL deserving of this.

Thank you to Nicole Doss and the Executive Board for believing in me and seeing the potential and vision of ALC Crafts!

Okay so let me back up and start this from the beginning...

A few months ago I became a member of The Prestige Society and started the Boss Academy program. If you are looking for a sisterhood of girl bosses and a network that can help you grow as a woman entrepreneur, I HIGHLY suggest joining - oh did I tell you membership is open now? You better get in while you can because openings are limited!

So #CLOSETHEGAP was created to raise funds through events and apparel for seed investment money for the participants in the Boss Academy program. Through the program, women complete the curriculum and pitch a short presentation to the Executive Board, one then (1) participant has the opportunity to receive $500 towards her business. 


That participant was ME! I was the one (1) selected!



So this is what I've been up to since late January. It wasn't always easy, but nonetheless it was and IS an awesome process! I learned so much and I shared the experience with some great sister-friends that I feel I've known forever!

Of course, now that I've graduated, the journey and work are just beginning. 


it's time to #ANTEUP and be The Boss I was always meant to be...


Until next time Glams - Remember to always leave a little sparkle wherever you go!


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  • Cyndi P on

    Awesome news! Congratulations to you, and I know you’ll do well!

  • Zayda Santiago on

    It was such a pleasure working with you. You so so deserving and great at what you do. Congratulations beautiful!!!!

  • Kiara Benschop on

    Congrats again love and great blog post!! I love your energy and ambition!! Thanks for sharing 💗

  • Nicole Green on

    Congratulations again! We are so excited for you and wish you and your business much success.

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